The Screaming Pope Prize for Visual Art

The Screaming Pope Prize 2016

The Screaming Pope Prize recognizes outstanding achievement; encourages the pursuit of excellence; and promotes the highest standards of quality in cultural innovation, artistic exploration and excellence in the visual arts

screaming pope prize 2016

The Screaming Pope Prize (S.P.P) is one of Ireland’s more unique arts award exclusively organized as part of the wildly popular K-fest Music and the Arts Festival that is held annually in Killorglin, Co. Kerry on the June Bank Holiday Weekend.

The Screaming Pope Prize is organized by a group of passionate and committed artists, business people, educators and volunteers from all walks of life. It is a self-funded, not for profit initiative, with the ultimate vision of establishing itself as Ireland’s foremost celebration for emerging creatives in the arts.


We recognize outstanding achievement; we encourage the pursuit of excellence and promote the highest standards of quality in professional, technical and personal achievement in the visual arts by conferring the industry’s most unique peer recognition symbol of distinction, the Screaming Pope Prize.